Giorgio Fabiani

There are three hallmarks that best describe Giorgio Fabiani Shoes: elegance, quality and craftsmanship.

The history of the Giorgio Fabiani brand started from a curiosity towards the craftsmanship and handmade products which turned the brand into a shoe factory situated in Fermo, in the Marche region, where now all the shoes of the collection are being designed and realized, through traditional methods.

Attention to detail, passion for high quality materials as well as for unique design: thanks to all these three aspects today you can find all the Giorgio Fabiani creations in the most exclusive stores around the world.

About Giorgio Fabiani

  • The scent of leather...

    As long as he was a child, Giorgio Fabiani, after school, loved to spend the afternoon in a little artisan workshop near to his home. He was really fascinated by the scent of leather as well as by the highly skilled hands of workers, able to extraordinarily produce gorgeous shoes.

    From the very beginning his history was marked by a great passion to create outstanding shoes, trying to concentrate the perfect blend of raw materials, colors, working methods and details on so tiny objects, always following a steady and passionate research of beauty and perfection.

    From the 70's to today, thanks to his passion, cultivated with great tenacity, Giorgio Fabiani could expand his small workshop: it was set up when he was only twenty years old and gets today its current dimension of a big company, producing shoes for women from all around the world.

    An escalation of successful collections, interpreting the Giorgio Fabiani's concept of style: the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation, elegance and sobriety, which made the brand of Giorgio Fabiani one of the most renowned and appreciated Made in Italy's fashion representative in the world.

  • 1957 - 1979

    Giorgio Fabiani was born in Fermo, a lovely medieval city near to the Adriatic Sea, in the Marche region.

    When he was a child, Giorgio Fabiani cultivated two great passions: from the one hand, the game of football, he played at high levels until the age of 35, and to the other hand, the vocation of shoemaker, he started to learn, going to the artisan workshops near to his home, where he loved to spend the afternoons after school.

    His great desire to turn what his mind imagined and created into handmade products, brought him, when he was still so young, to set up his own business, even if his father would have preferred him to continue the tradition of his family construction company.

    The first years of his career were not easy at all, but Giorgio Fabiani did not never lose his enthusiasm and step by step thanks to his determination he could draw the attention of both Italian and foreign buyers to his collections, exhibiting them in the most prestigious shops all over the world.

  • 1980 - 1990

    These were the great escalation's years: the Giorgio Fabiani shoes conquered the global market, as expression and at the same time as synonym of the best Made in Italy in the fashion industry.

    His small artisan workshop with initially only 5 employees turned into a big company of 4.500 square meters and more than 70 employers, where the whole production cycle took place and continues to take place even today: the process starts from the “ideas room”, where ideas arise and develop, where the raw materials and accessories are thoughtfully selected, and where the structures are proven in order to be perfect.

    Then a team of highly skilled employees realizes the final product and steady checks it before finally placing it on the market.Every single pair of shoes is a sort of unique creation, a work of art which has to convey emotions to the women who chose it.

  • 2000 - 2010

    The Giorgio Fabiani's collections conquered the markets all over the world: from the United States to Europe, from the Middle East to Asian countries and United Arab Emirates, from Japan to China, even with the opening of many new flagship stores.

    The blend among tradition, a steady research and innovation's activity and an extremely high attention to the details made the Giorgio Fabiani's brand one of the most recognizable expression of Made in Italy in the world's fashion industry.

    It was not by chance that in 2009, during the New York Fashion Week , Giorgio Fabiani won the so desired award for the category of Women's Contemporary.

  • Today

    During his career Giorgio Fabiani has got many successes and for nearly 40 years his enthusiasm and creativity have been the same, as even his great desire to archive other goals.Giorgio Fabiani can convey all his knowledge and background even to his young and professional team which considers him as an inspiring leader who instills confidence and optimism as well.

    Even if his busy career often brings him abroad , when he is in the factory, he always shows to his employees the patience and the humility typical of that craftsman, whom he used to look at , when he was a child, arriving first in the morning and going home last in the evening.

    Giorgio Fabiani's shoes represent all this: good taste, style, innovation but above all the heart of an entrepreneur who makes his job with all his love.

  • Design

    The design of the Giorgio Fabiani's creations is anchored to the logic of comfort and style: particular attention is paid to the choice of materials, enriched by the sophisticated details and high craftsmanship. Once you open the box of your shoes, just breathe the flavour of the leather spreading all around you.

  • Technology

    The production of Giorgio Fabiani's shoes reflects entirely the spirit of the initial craftsmanship and represents completely the tradition of the Italian shoe school. Hands and machines together : when you wear a pair of Giorgio Fabiani's shoes, you will immediately acknowledge this perfect blend.

  • Style

    Giorgio Fabiani's shoes boast a timeless style: all his collections not only follow the fashion but they do exalt and sublimate it. When you wear a pair of Giorgio Fabiani's shoes, you will feel like these shoes have been designed for you.