A super-feminine allure invades the new Giorgio Fabiani Collection, who for Spring-Summer 19 rereads the essential classics of today's woman's wardrobe and reinterprets them in a chic and glamorous key.

For this Collection Giorgio Fabiani finds inspiration from the spring season and his desire to be born again after the cold season. Colors are bold and vivid, the lines fluid and there is a focus on openwork textures and sheerness, playing the seduction game infused with a strong glam chic element. Satiny reflections then distract the gaze playing with the light alongside with luxurious sequined and beaded motifs. But there is also space for prints and satin, declined in abstract and geometric patterns with bold graphic elements lit up occasionally by precious metallic studs. The collection becomes a visual hyperbole that challenges perception mixing different elements to outline a subtle understated elegance that is noticed only by the discerned eyes.