The new Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Collection signed by Giorgio Fabiani celebrates again the Italian creativity and craftsmanship which guides the brand towards new poetic, romantic and feminine scenarios.

Giorgio Fabiani casts in this way on his new collection, elements of a contemporary nature, contaminating the pure concept of classic, proposed again with comfortable and modern heels featuring decisive structures. Prestigious nuances alternates to measured skillfully details seen as style entertainer, in order to make the everyday life less boring. A sort of minimalistic view featuring an egocentric personality which is always extremely elegant as well. Then the structures chase from the past to the present time, leaving a huge space to visible architectures and gentle geometric plays. A precious and rebellious cry then in the urban side of the rock & chic line of the collection, crossed by metallic details and sinuous heels, contrasting to the recall of the functional femininity. In this way the apparent normality hides the true revolution.

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